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About the School for Aromatic Studies

The School for Aromatic Studies offers dynamic, innovative and professionally designed aromatherapy educational programs.

The study of aromatherapy and essential oils is, at its essence, about relationships. It’s about nourishing a relationship with aromatic plants, essential oils, and the natural world, as well as enhancing your relationship with yourself and wellness.

We realize that selecting the right Aromatherapy school to attend can be a daunting task. With so many schools to choose from we at the School for Aromatic Studies understand your dilemma. What makes each aromatherapy school unique is its philosophy, its approach to aromatherapy education, as well as its established position within the field of aromatherapy.

Since 1990, Jade Shutes has been a leader in the aromatherapy community helping to shape the future of aromatherapy education nationally and internationally. Our aromatherapy programs have evolved over years of experience, teaching, student feedback and research.

Our first priority is our commitment to you as an individual and in ensuring that you choose the correct aromatherapy program to fulfill your needs for aromatherapy education. The School for Aromatic Studies is one of the founding schools for aromatherapy education in North America. The School was established in 1991 by Jade Shutes and has continued offering professional and dynamic aromatherapy education for over 20 years.

The School for Aromatic Studies offers dynamic, innovative and professionally designed aromatherapy educational programs.  By studying with the School you will earn your aromatherapy diploma or aromatherapy certificate from a highly respected and established aromatherapy school.

From that beginning, Jades mission was to offer a balanced, progressive and inspiring approach to aromatherapy education.

Pioneering the Evolution of Aromatic Medicine

For years there has been a commonly held belief in the aromatherapy community that essential oils should never be used internally. In fact, however, essential oils have and are used safely and effectively internally and as an adjunct to herbal therapies in France for years! Even in the U.S., essential oils can be found as ingredients in several popular dietary supplements. Feeling strongly the lack of balance in the aromatherapy field between the truth of active ongoing safe and successful internal use and the widely spoken fears in the aromatherapy community, the School for Aromatic Studies is committed to representing truth, progressiveness, and balance along with education on the topic of internal use of essential oils (also known as ingestion). Jade and the School for Aromatic Studies has been instrumental in bringing the French approach to Aromatic Medicine to the U.S. and the global aromatherapy community.

Plants mean nothing in isolation; they are a life-form rooted in and identified by their community, by their relationship to and interactions with all other life on Earth.

Stephen Harrod Buhner in The Lost Language of Plants

Our Credentials

IFPA Accredited Training Provider

IFPA approved School

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

NAHA approved School

Massage Therapy NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider

Massage Therapy NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider

American Botanical Council

Academic Member of the American Botanical Council

United Plant Savers

Organization Member of United Plant Savers (UPS)

Uniquely Collaborative Approach

Jade is equally distinct in forging relationships with herbalists and fellow aromatherapists, sharing knowledge to elevate each of our disciplines, herbal medicine, and aromatic medicine while honoring both fields. Understanding that we are strengthened by diversity, Jade strives to bring together the best of the skilled and talented experts in a variety of expressions within this and related fields. Each instructor for the school brings something unique to the study, offering their unique perspective to engage our diverse student population: healing perspectives, chemical properties, herbal integration, sensory applications, applications for end of life, emotional health, and more.

The Founding of the First School in New York City

The inception of the first school in New York City can be attributed to a graduate of Jade Shutes. With a deep appreciation for Jade’s teachings, the New York Institute of Aromatherapy was established and granted a license to impart Jade’s esteemed Foundations of Aromatherapy and Aromatic Scholars certification courses. Additionally, they offered the Botanical Body Care Products course and other independent modules, all of which adhered to Jade’s philosophy and approach to aromatherapy, including her unique blending techniques.

Each instructor at the institute underwent comprehensive training in Jade’s aromatherapy philosophy and approach, including her unique blending techniques. One could attribute Jade’s pivotal role in the inception of New York City’s first aromatherapy school, as without the licensing of her courses, its existence would not have been possible.

From 2013 to 2020, the New York Institute of Aromatherapy held the license to teach Jade’s program. Moreover, between 2018 and 2020, Jade formed a partnership with the institute, during which she wrote a book, the Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy, based on her acclaimed Foundations of Aromatherapy course.

However, it is important to note that the New York Institute of Aromatherapy is no longer licensed to offer Jade’s programs, and they are no longer associated with her in any capacity.

Looking to the future and beyond

Jade has undergone a process of re-centering and bringing the School for Aromatic Studies back to it’s roots.

She is excited for this new evolution of the school, with it’s variety of courses and in-person retreats, to nurture a thriving community centered around education and connection.

She looks forward to being on the aromatic journey with you.

Do you want to take your knowledge of aromatherapy to the next level so you can support people in living healthier lives?