What graduates are saying

My name is Ivelina and I live in Bulgaria. I’m so happy and excited to be part of the School for Aromatic Studies community. The classes and videos are well organized, the information is profound yet so easy to understand. Being able to study at my own pace gives me a great opportunity to fulfill my dream and become a certified Aromatherapist.

Ivelina Aasen

Free Intro, Hydrosols, French Aromatherapy

Even though I’m on the other side of the world I never felt out of touch. The team at Aromatic Studies is wonderfully responsive and helpful. I’ve spent over 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative and have completed a lot of in-depth product training. The quality and depth of the learning modules was much better than I expected and gave me confidence to talk about the science behind essential oils. Can’t wait to start my next level of training.

Michele Fuller

Bellaroma, New Zealand

I was lucky enough to meet Jade in person while she was teaching advanced chemistry for aromatherapy. Jade is a fantastic teacher which magnetic energy. I loved her thoughtful and comprehensive style of instruction and I was drawn to taking the Aromatic Studies and the Hydrosols Exploration courses online, at my own pace. She has built a remarkable school and has surrounded herself with many experts to round out the course material. Even the administrative aspect of the school is superior. I always receive prompt, knowledgeable and thorough responses. I am not even finished with my current course load and I already can’t wait to sign up for the next course!
Jill Griffin

Scholars, Hydrosols

I love Body Care Products Certification Course! I have learned step by step how to make natural and organic skincare products and started using a lot of new and amazing ingredients. I have deepened my knowledge about essential oils, vegetable oils, herbal oils and how to use it to support and enhance the skin health. All this knowledge has been extremely valuable to my life, family and my business. Jade Shutes is a passionate teacher with huge experience and knowledge. I am very glad and proud to have chosen The School for Aromatic Studies.

Cintia Wess

Botanical Body Care, Ar. App. for the Skin

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What our Students Say

What I love about the way you teach is that you are about teaching and educating.

You stick to your beliefs and question what needs to be questioned so people can critically think about what is at hand versus reacting to something without any thought to why they are doing what they are doing or just going with the majority without really ever questioning the content in its entirety. You see the big picture and you stay true to yourself and what is at hand. Kudos to you!

Thank you for sharing your insight with such grace and honesty. I am truly honored to have you as my teacher! Thank you! I am looking forward to learning as much as I can.


I love, love, love that you have put the joy into learning with an easy to read online format, videos and hands on learning.

I love, love, love that you have put the joy into learning with an easy to read online format, videos and hands on learning/exercises as well as bringing the energetics of the whole plant into our learning and not just the ‘clinical’ stuff that agencies want us to have. Just as we are holistic in healing with encompassing the whole body, we too learn to use ALL our senses and I am thankful to have found this with your course.

Please don’t stop what you are doing because it is amazing!

Looking forward to completing many more courses with this school.


I am LOVING the courses I have enrolled in so far.

I absolutely love Jade Shutes’ teachings. She is a phenomenal instructor and has inspired me to expand my interests in Aromatherapy from making body butters to so much more.

I am grateful to have continuous access to the courses so I can really absorb the concepts. I am looking forward to enrolling in the Foundations of Aromatherapy class soon. I am newly retired and trying to be budget conscious at the moment.


I have been studying with the School for Aromatic Studies for just under 1 year. I have signed up for several programs and have been very impressed by the content offered. One thing that I am especially thrilled about is the continued development of the content in each course. Even in the short time that I have been enrolled, the content has been added to and expanded on. It makes me feel that the school is very focused on a quality education for those of us in the programs and not just focused on obtaining more new students. It’s exciting to see some of the new content especially the audio/video content and some of the Sprout (extra modules). In addition to the actual course content I have also been really impressed with the level of customer service that I have received from the school. When I have had questions I have been responded to quickly and thoroughly. It is important for me to feel like my instructor is partnering with me to help guide my learning experience and I have felt like that with the School for Aromatic Studies. Lastly, I really appreciate the balanced approach that the School for Aromatic Studies takes within the aromatherapy field. In the field where you hear a lot of “never do this” or “only use this oil this way” I have appreciated learning a more balanced perspective.

Rachel Silves

Free Intro, Foundations, Scholars, French Aromatherapy, BBS, Perfume

My experience at The School for Aromatic Studies has been amazing. I have completed the Foundation of Aromatics course and am now working my way through the Aromatic Scholars course. I have taken numerous distance learning programs and this one is the most beautiful and easy to navigate course that I have had the privilege of taking. As a busy mom, I have been grateful to be able to work through the course materials at my own pace and the program is set up to be able to easily see just where you have left off. The materials are incredibly informative and I love how much I am learning about essential oils and how to safely use them for my family and friends. So happy with these courses and looking forward to taking a few more in the future.
Jessica Aveni

Foundations, Scholars

I completed the Foundations course and was pleasantly surprised how understandable the content was! Not only was it laid out beautifully, it was also written in a way where I could retain the information easily. I loved all of the step by step videos that helped me create wonderful products. All of my questions were answered right away, and I never felt alone.

I’m now enrolled in the Scholars course and am just as pleased. I highly recommend any of the courses that are offered here!

Brooke Reynolds

Foundations, Scholars

I am a mom of 4 and I so valued this style of education. I was able to work at a slower pace or take week-long breaks when needed. I jumped in with very little experience and no aromatherapy certification but finished my first course feeling much more confident and excited about aromatherapy and skincare. I loved that I could get my feet wet with a beginners’ course; and hope to do much more as I am able. And I so appreciated being able to communicate directly with the school.

Sara Frank

Botanical Body Care, Aromatic App. and the Skin

My certificate for Foundations of Aromatherapy arrived in the mail yesterday, and I am soooo happy to have completed that first step in my aromatherapy education. Thank you for that extra touch of enclosing it in a folder and adding a personal note.

I did a lot of research before I chose The School for Aromatic Studies and I KNOW I made the right choice in the education team I wanted to invest my time and money into.

I want to thank you both for your support and for your personal touches in all you do. It means a lot. You both offered valuable feedback on my case studies, and that was very helpful, as well. You are both prompt in replying to emails and questions. Your teaching values are in line with my teaching values as a college professor. Your courses are well-organized, thorough and structured, but not overwhelming. It’s obvious that MUCH care and passion went into their creation and production.

I’m very excited about the upcoming teacher training, along with the Aromatic Scholars program that I’m working towards. Thank you for keeping the excitement alive and well. I look forward to my continued studies and relationships with both of you.

Buffy Pilloud

Foundations of Aromatherapy

I love studying with the School for Aromatics as the courses provide indepth knowledge and information required for anyone to master the field of aromatherapy and product making. You cannot find any where else the same courses that are packed with all the technical information required to master yourself in the feels of product making. Getting the right information and equipping yourself to handle the demands of good manufacturing practices – I would say this is the best place to get enrolled.

Thank you for Inspiring me to reach New heights and providing me this opportunity to enrich myself!

Lubna Zahir Hussein

Botanical Body Care, Aromatic App. and the Skin

The depth of detail in the classes is wonderful. I am learning so much. The 101 Class is truly laying an in-depth foundation and filling in gaps in my education thus far. The recipes are so helpful and are a springboard for me to experiment even more. I am challenged by the scientific information, and it brings everything full circle by helping me understand “the why,” why certain EOs work the way they do.

What also is evident is that the school cares about people and helping them achieve a lifestyle of wellness.

Jane Van Osdol

Foundations, Scholars, BBS

As a student in a part of the country that is inactive in professional aromatherapy, I found the School for Aromatic Studies a fantastic resource and link to the nationwide and international field. I began in the previous platform, and completed my clinical certification in the new platform, so my perspective is broad. What can I say – the new platform blew me away! The videos from Jade and other experts were fascinating, the files and attachments are relevant and helpful, and the content itself is key to my ongoing practice. I still refer back to my course data today! I am very proud to be an Aromatic Studies graduate.
Margo Hertzfeld

Aromatic Scholars

Currently, I finishing up the French Aromatherapy Class (I am working on my research paper). Wow, this class was incredibly in depth and has given me the knowledge and confidence to use essential oils medicinally including internal use. I have learned that we needn’t fear the “controversial” use of essential oils; we need instead to arm ourselves with knowledge.

I’m also enrolled in the Hydrosols and Perfumery courses, but have not yet started them. However, with the caliber of teaching I have seen in the French Aromatherapy course, I know these other courses will be worth every penny! Thank you for providing outstanding aromatherapy education!

Cathy Breiner

Perfume, French Aromatherapy, Hydrosols

I have been following the work of Jade Shutes for a couple of years. I finally took the dive into The School of Aromatic Studies almost a year ago. I haven’t looked back. There is still so much work for me to do and many more classes I hope to take in the future. I have a particular thing that makes me love the school so very much. It is the teachers. They have an incredible cornerstone of knowledge which is just the beginning. What I love even more is the fact that the instructors are authentic, kind and move beyond the surface of the work. They are always looking for ways to move their own, and thus our, practice forward. I am so very grateful to have access to all of these teachers and look forward to many more years of work with them in this field at this school.

Meikan Little

Free Intro, Foundations, BBS, Perfume, Hydrosols

Although I studied your lessons and watched all your attractive videos in the summer it is only now that I am finally starting to use your advices in my every-day life. And I am amassed about all the knowledge you gave us. Especially the description of every single oil is the most useful thing I saw so far. I have read quite a few books about essential oils and did some courses, but your words and advise are really the best. I wish I would have your descriptions for some other oils to (lemon balm, oregano…).

You have also inspired me to take some new actions in healing with essential oils. I wasn’t familiar with oral usage, suppositories, medicine balls.. I can proudly tell you, that I am testing all these possibilities now and members of my family and friends are happy for the great results achieved with them.

And I can finally understand chemistry of essential oils. I am no longer just a talented beginner, now I can speak to almost everyone from aroma-world.