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Our advanced aromatherapy courses have been designed to deepen your knowledge of specific subjects related to essential oils and aromatherapy, from the chemistry of essential oils to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for the skin or for emotional well-being.

Note: Aroma Pyschology, Aromatic Chemistry, and Aromatics and the Skin are a part of our Aromatic Scholars program. Students of the Aromatic Scholars and Aromatic Medicine courses receive the Anatomy and Physiology course.

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  • Aromatics and Mental Health
    Discover the transformative power of essential oils with our Aromatics and Mental Health – A Holistic Approach to AromaPsychology certificate course! The realm of mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological, and social dimensions, influencing our thought processes, emotions, and actions. Our mental health plays a pivotal role in shaping our responses to stress, interpersonal connections, and decision-making.
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  • Carrier Oil Palette
    Everything you ever wanted to know about carrier oils, herbal oils, CO2 extracts (in the carrier oil palette), and butters for essential oils and aromatherapy!
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  • monograph database
    The Aromatic Apothecary
    The Aromatic Apothecary is an online membership program, where we invite you to embark on an exciting journey into the fascinating world of essential oils, aromatic plants, essential oil components, carrier oils, distillation, and more.
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  • Essentials of Herbal Medicine
    Herbalism is the practice of plants as medicine, in its simplest form it is the connection between humans, health and the natural world. Enroll Today! In this 15-hour introductory herbalism course we will travel through the foundations of the field. The goal is to connect with plants as medicine and learn how to safely engage with herbalism for yourself and your community.
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  • Internal Use of Essential Oils
    Internal Use of Essential Oils
    Somewhere between the current two extremes of ‘never use essential oils internally’ and ‘you can take just about any essential oil internally’ is a balanced approach and view of the use of essential oils internally, both professionally and for self-care. The misinformation on this subject is rampant on both sides of the extreme.
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  • Ayurveda 101: The Art and Science of Life and Longevity
    Ayurveda 101: The Art and Science of Life and Longevity
    Ayurveda 101 is an in depth look at the science of life and longevity and how we can use this language of nature in our daily self care rituals, individualized nutrition plans, daily scheduling and to better understand our clients needs as healing arts practitioners to get optimal holistic health results.
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  • applications for the skin
    Aromatic Applications for the Skin
    The Aromatics and the Skin Online Certificate program offers an in-depth exploration into the therapeutic applications of aromatherapy for maintaining the health of the skin. We begin with a rich exploration of skin anatomy and physiology, examine common and not so common skin conditions, and experience a wide range of skin loving botanical ingredients.
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  • aromatic chemistry
    Aromatic Chemistry
    Our Aromatic Chemistry Certification Program offers an in-depth exploration into the chemistry of essential oils. We examine the symbiotic relationship between plants, essential oils and humans, the nature of chemical families and their therapeutic resonances as well as how to utilize the chemistry of essential oils in clinical practice and formulation.
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  • Aromas and the Mind
    The Aromatics & Psychology certification course delves deeply into how olfaction directly affects our nervous/endocrine systems, emotions, immunity, and stress response. This advanced aromatherapy certification is designed to enrich your sensory awareness of and relationship with essential oils.
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  • anatomy and physiology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    By learning healthy physiology first, she could understand more about how an homeostatic imbalance happened. From the tissue, organ, or system perspective, she began to also see how essential oils could be utilized to support the physiology of the body rather than always trying to treat a 'disease'.
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  • Tongue Assessment
    Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists, Nutritionists, and Aromatherapists
    Tongue assessment can actually be fairly intuitive and doesn't require as much memorization as some other systems of assessment. Once you get the basics, it's easy to begin using this valuable tool right away. This is a great opportunity to receive step by step guidance in adding tongue assessment to your toolkit and promises to be interesting and useful for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!
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  • Aromatic Formulation: Dynamics of Blending
    Our Aromatic Formulation: Dynamics of Blending is a powerful class that will forever transform the way you relate to and formulate with essential oils. Rooted in Jade’s original Dynamics of Blending Manual first published in 1993, this course continues the journey.
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What our Students Say

You opened my eyes to the magic of plants, and it has completely changed my life.

I have always felt such a connection with you through the webinars and online courses I took with you. You are a phenomenal teacher, and I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained as your student. One thing I know for certain now is that plants truly are magical. You opened my eyes to that magic, and it has completely changed my life. You truly are an inspiration to me, and I feel blessed to have learned aromatherapy through you. Keep doing all the great work you do! I admire you so much!!


Jade is a phenomenal instructor and has inspired me to expand my interests in Aromatherapy

I am LOVING the courses I have enrolled in so far. I absolutely love Jade Shutes teachings. She is a phenomenal instructor and has inspired me to expand my interests in Aromatherapy from making body butters to so much more.

I am grateful to have continuous access to the courses so I can really absorb the concepts and I am looking forward to enrolling in the Foundations of Aromatherapy Certification course soon.


The quality and depth of the learning modules was much better than I expected.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative and have completed a lot of in-depth product training. The quality and depth of the learning modules was much better than I expected and gave me confidence to talk about the science behind essential oils. Can’t wait to start my next level of training.