Short Courses

(1-4 hours)

Our short programs focus on specific topics designed to empower you to utilize essential oils for health imbalances. These programs also provide valuable continuing education opportunities.

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  • Macerated Oils and Carrier Oils for Animals
    In this comprehensive course, we delve into the incredible world of carrier oils and infused oils, unlocking their immense potential to aid in animal healing. Whether they are facing common ailments or you simply want to enhance their overall well-being, this class equips you with the knowledge and techniques to create powerful, customized remedies.
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  • Nutrition for Aromatherapists
    Our introductory course offers a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and its impact on well-being, providing you with the knowledge you need to transform your life and the lives of others. Whether you're a health enthusiast or looking to deepen your knowledge as a professional, this course is designed for anyone looking to take control of their health and achieve optimal wellness.
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  • Grief and Aromatics
    In this 5-hour course you will travel through the seven stages of grief, exploring how we can use aromatics as support, whilst keeping in mind and illustrating that the grieving process is not at all linear and is highly personal. You will learn how aromatics can be part of our toolbox and how they can accompany us through the different faces and stages of grief.
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  • Aromatics, Trauma and Resiliency
    Join Jade Shutes for this innovative and timely course on Aromatics, Trauma, and Resiliency – Becoming Trauma-Informed. Throughout our time together, you will learn how trauma and chronic stress impact our physical and emotional well-being and how essential oils (and other aromatics) can be used to support yourself, your family, friends, and clients.
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  • Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals
    In this introductory course, it is my intention to share a glimpse into my experience of over 25 years in the animal aromatic field. I want you to immerse yourself in this wonderful path, so you can fill your cup of good, foundational knowledge working with aromatics, and animals.
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  • Introduction to Hydrosols
    Introduction to Hydrosols
    In this introduction to hydrosols, you will learn how hydrosols are made, properties of unique hydrosols, and how to use them. We will also be sharing aromatic plant stories. Join artisan distillers Jade Shutes and Ildiko Berecz for this magical look at the role of hydrosols for emotional and physical well-being.
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  • Diffusing Essential Oils
    Diffusing Essential Oils
    Are you confused by what you read, and baffled by the huge selection of essential oils to choose from? Are you looking for best and safest practices? Diffusing essential oils is often considered one of the easiest first steps to experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy - and it is also often considered to be the safest delivery method.
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  • Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning
    Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning
    In this 1 hour online course “Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning,” Instructor Margo Hertzfeld will share some of the lessons she has learned from her time homeschooling. We have a strong opportunity to use our olfactory bulbs’ direct connection to our limbic system in any classroom. Through what we smell, we can enhance memory, or mood, or even cognitive ability.
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  • Essential Oils and Emotional Wellbeing
    Essential Oils and Emotional Wellbeing
    In this 2.5 hour class, you will learn how to utilize essential oils to support emotional health and well-being as well as enhance resiliency during these challenging times.
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  • Essential Oils for Respiratory Health
    Essential Oils for Respiratory Health
    In this 2.5 hour class, you will learn how to utilize essential oils to support your respiratory system health through the autumn and winter months.
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  • Essential Oils in Pregnancy
    Essential Oils in Pregnancy
    Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for both the pregnant parent and developing baby. Information regarding the use of botanicals to address common pregnancy concerns ranges from using essential oils all the time to recommendations to avoid all botanical extracts because the exact safety of the botanicals has not yet been established. Reality sits in between those two extremes.
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  • Essential Oils for Sleep
    Essential Oils for Sleep
    In this 1.5 hour class, you will explore the many facets of sleep and what can disrupt it. A variety of natural ways to support sleep will be covered including aromatherapy and a favorite sleep blend. In the course you will learn about common sleep disorders, sleep hygiene and natural sleep solutions.
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  • Aromatics and Menopausal Skincare
    Aromatics and Menopausal Skincare
    In this recorded class, we will look at our skin through the lens of menopause and holistic skin care, gain an understanding the changes taking place at different stages of our wise woman years.
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  • CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy
    CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy
    Curious about CO2 extracts? Join Jade Shutes in a three part recorded webinar series and online course and discover and learn what they are, their therapeutic benefits and how to use them.
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What our Students Say

You opened my eyes to the magic of plants, and it has completely changed my life.

I have always felt such a connection with you through the webinars and online courses I took with you. You are a phenomenal teacher, and I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained as your student. One thing I know for certain now is that plants truly are magical. You opened my eyes to that magic, and it has completely changed my life. You truly are an inspiration to me, and I feel blessed to have learned aromatherapy through you. Keep doing all the great work you do! I admire you so much!!


Jade is a phenomenal instructor and has inspired me to expand my interests in Aromatherapy

I am LOVING the courses I have enrolled in so far. I absolutely love Jade Shutes teachings. She is a phenomenal instructor and has inspired me to expand my interests in Aromatherapy from making body butters to so much more.

I am grateful to have continuous access to the courses so I can really absorb the concepts and I am looking forward to enrolling in the Foundations of Aromatherapy Certification course soon.


The quality and depth of the learning modules was much better than I expected.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative and have completed a lot of in-depth product training. The quality and depth of the learning modules was much better than I expected and gave me confidence to talk about the science behind essential oils. Can’t wait to start my next level of training.