Re-Connecting: Working with Essential Oils within the Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Jonathan Benavides

Statistically seen, about 1 in 54 children in the USA has been in recent years identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), something that occurs in every region, in all ethnic, racial and every socioeconomic groups.

To care for autism, you need to understand, accept, and look at the other person from a flexible perspective. And most importantly, you have to accept them as they are and not try to convert them into what you are. And since the signs and symptoms are different at every stage of life, from childhood to teenagers to middle age, an approach that suits each life phase is needed.

More and more we see, nowadays, in aromatherapy public and private practices clients that come for advice and help in order to cope with autism using essential oils. Aromatherapy and the art of touching might be suitable approaches to support a person with autisms growth and development and helps them “reconnect”. “Reconnect” with themselves, their parents, their siblings, their family and society in general.

And “Reconnecting” is a non-pharmacological approach developed by Jonathan Benavides, wherein using an integrative scope he applies and teaches different strategies to cope with all kind of challenges present daily in life with autism. Jonathan, is a pioneer in the use of essential oils and autism and ADHD with more than 30 years of experience.

For instance, sleeping disturbances are one of the biggest challenges that face a person with autism and their family several times a week. A simple aromatic and sensorial non-pharmacological approach have been for a long-time success in relieving sleeping problems in children, adolescents and adults with autism.

Using a blend of very much diluted essential oils used as a spray mist on the pillow, using a weighted toy for children and adolescents or a weighted blanket for adolescents and adults and giving them a gentle caring feet massage with a drop of vetiver and red mandarin essential oil in a carrier oil they might feel secure, feel connectedness, less anxious and makes them be able to relax and fall easily into sleep.

From research we do know that weight blankets and toys might play a role in regulating a possible brain chemicals imbalance. Feeling the weight provides a sense of belonging and an overactivity of the nervous system diminishes and inhaling a blend of sleep-inducing essential oils helps them to tranquilize and feel more grounded.

On April 10th-11th Jonathan will be teaching live online his vision and the complete protocol for Re-connecting, the aromatic approach that he has developed and been using for a long time with autistic people of all ages. Find out more HERE!