Aromatic Studies


Jade Shutes

Vegetable Oils E-Book

Throughout this E-book you will learn the chemistry of vegetable oils, how and why they are important components in skin care, and explore over 25 incredible vegetable oils. Learn how the skin and vegetable oils share common characteristics and how vegetable oils can be used to support and enhance the health of the skin.

About Vegetable Oils is the first of a series of reference e-books designed to support and enhance your knowledge of all things related to aromatherapy!

Discover the incredible benefits of a wide range of vegetable oils for maintaining and supporting the health of the skin.

PURCHASE BOOK bodyworkers_book
Jade Shutes + Christina Weaver

Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers

As aromatherapy gains in popularity among complementary medical modalities, more and more bodywork professionals now integrate essential oils into their practices. Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers embraces the expansion of knowledge about the application and benefits of this emerging practice and presents a most complete and authoritative source of information for health care workers and spa professionals. It begins with the basics on plants, oils, quality, safety and chemistry. It then progresses into blending methods, an exploration of the skin and olfaction, and finally a concrete discussion about integrating aromatherapy into bodywork practice.

Key Features:

  • Content is based on national standards for holistic aromatherapy education.
  • Bonus chapter includes data sheets with at-a-gland information about essential oils and oil-producing plants.
  • Tear-out flashcards assist learners in remembering key information about essential oils.
  • “In Practice” boxes present case studies and other information about the actual application of aromatherapy.
  • Summaries, worksheets, review questions, and tests conclude each chapter, allowing learnings to confirm their understanding of the content before progressing.