How to make a Salve: Carrot Rosehip Skin Salve

by Jade Shutes

This winter I have been using a Carrot-Rosehip skin salve on my face and body to prevent and/or ‘treat’ dryness. This has been a really great addition to sugar scrubs.



Ingredient                              Amt             %tage
Herbal/Vegetable oils
Calendula herbal oil           61.42g                 47%
Carrot infused oil                26.14g                 20%  (Learn how to make here)
Rosehip seed oil                 26.14g                 20%

Beeswax                              14.37g                  11%

Vit E 1.31g 1%

Essential oils    2% = 75 drops
Cape chamomile          Eriocephalus punctulatus           20 drops
Lavendin                       Lavandula x intermedia             35 drops
Carrot seed                   Daucus carota                           20 drops

TOTAL: Makes 4 ounces of salve.

Steps to Make

Step One: Gather Ingredients  (this has pomegranite in the picture but I ended up going with Rosehip seed instead, you could, however, use pomegranite oil).


Gather Ingredients

Step Two: Weigh each ingredients


Weighed Ingredients

Step Three: Begin melting beeswax in double boiler.


Melting Beeswax

Step Four: When beeswax is almost melted, add in calendula and carrot infused oils.


Adding Calendula and Carrot infused oils

Step Five: Stir well.


Stir well.

Step Six: Remove from heat and add in Rosehip seed oil and Vitamin E oil. Continue stirring.


Adding in Rosehip seed and Vitamin E oil

Step Seven:  I add drops of the essential oil synergy into each jar I will be making. This is to avoid having the essential oils exposed to heat if I need to reheat the salve mixture.


Adding essential oils into jars first before pouring salve mixture in.

Step Eight: Pour salve mixture into individual jars. Be sure to cap immediately so the heat of the salve does not reduce the essential oil concentration (from evaporation).


Pouring salve mixture into jars.

Step Nine: Place cap on jars, then shake.  **You will want to do this while the salve is warm.


Shaking salve to combine essential oils and salve mixture

Step Ten: Allow salve to harden.


Salve complete: Just smoothing out the top next.

Step Eleven: To smooth out top, turn on your stove: boiler to high. Place save jars on cookie tray. Place in oven for about 1-2 minutes to melt top, then remove. This does not take long! Allow salves to cool.

Step Twelve: Once cooled down, label and the salve is ready to use!


Finished Salve