Aromatic Applications for the Skin

With Instructor: Jade Shutes

The Aromatic Applications for the Skin Certificate program is an aromatherapy program designed for massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, healthcare providers, retailers, product creators, and individuals interested in exploring the applications of essential oils to the skin as well as deepening their knowledge of aromatherapy.

This is an advanced level training program and is a module from our Aromatic Scholars Certification program. A Foundations level training is recommended but not required.


This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

Course Details

Course Overview: Core Topics

  • In-depth Anatomy and Physiology of the Integumentary System
  • The Skin as a Pathway onto and into the Body
  • Essential Oil Safety and the Skin
  • Top Essential Oils for the Skin
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils for Skincare
  • In-depth study of Vegetable Oils, Herbal Oils and Hydrosols
  • Aromatherapy Products for the Skin
  • Learn How to Make Skincare Products
  • Understand Western and Ayurvedic Skin Types
  • The Health of the Skin
  • Common Skin Conditions
  • List of suppliers

Course Enrollment Information

Included Materials

  • Exclusive Aromatic Applications for the Skin Online Manual
  • Life time access to the Aromatic Applications for the Skin online program
  • Email/phone tutorial support
  • Review of case studies and final exam.
  • Certificate for Aromatic Applications for the Skin, 46 hours.
  • CE hours for massage therapists and registered aromatherapists.
  • Students will need to purchase their own supplies. We offer recommended suppliers or you can choose your own!

Course Certification

In order to receive the School for Aromatic Studies certification, students must:

  • Complete all modules and lesson in the Aromatic Applications for the Skin online program.
  • Complete 7 case studies on family, friends, self, or existing and willing clients.
  • Complete all review quizzes.
  • Complete final exam.
  • Send in final exam and 7 case studies.

Upon successful completion of Aromatic Applications for the Skin, you will be able to:

  • Describe the physiology of the skin including the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers.
  • Describe how essential oils can affect the immune system and the cells responsible for this potential action.
  • Specify key physiological, chemical and psychological functions of the skin..
  • Explain how primary wound healing occurs and the 10 most important factors which influence the skins health.
  • List and discuss 8 analytical categories of the skin.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of the 7 ‘skin types’.
  • Apply essential oils to the skin safely.
  • Identify the key therapeutic actions of essential oils and hydrosols on the skin.
  • Create an herbal oil.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various vegetable oils and the importance of quality.
  • List and discuss the therapeutic benefits of the main nutrients found in vegetable carrier oils used for skincare and massage.
  • List and define common issues/disorders of the skin.
  • Apply your knowledge of essential oils to the skin for 5 common skin issues.
  • Make a therapeutic salve, skincare cream, salt scrub, cleanser, exfoliant, toner and massage oil.
  • List and describe the 3 aspects of a basic facial care regime.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of herbal and vegetable oils, hydrosols and essential oils, by creating a skincare cream, toner, exfoliant, and cleanser.
  • Create dynamic aromatic body care products.


Meet Jade:

Thirty years ago, while living in London, England, I was blessed to have my first experience with aromatherapy. Suffering with debilitating back pain, a friend referred me to her friend Sophie, who offered aromatherapy. The British approach to aromatherapy was and is through the application of the essential oils via massage. My first aromatherapy session was life-transforming! At some point during the massage I fell fast asleep, and upon waking the very first thought I had was “THIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life!”.

Within the year I was enrolled at the Raworth College of Natural Health in Dorking, England. I was trained in anatomy and physiology, basic chemistry (hardly a focus in those days!), applied kinesiology, reflexology, iridology, and of course, essential oils and massage. Shortly after graduating, I returned to Boston, MA, my home town, to set up a practice for aromatherapy. This was 1991.

And now thirty years later, that is what I have lived to do: educate, practice, research, and write. I believe in the power of education and have seen how it empowers our students and graduates with the knowledge, they need to thrive in the 21st century wellness movement.

Are there prerequisites?

Anyone may register for this class. A Foundations level aromatherapy education is recommended but not required.

Does this course offer CE hours for aromatherapists?

This program is approved by the NCBTMB for 32 CE Hours for massage therapists (including NCBTMB and Florida), 46 hours (includes 14 case study hours) for NAHA Aromatherapists (all levels).

Are you an approved school by a professional aromatherapy organization?

Yes, we are an approved school through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. This course will provide you with 15 CE Hours.

What makes your program different from all the others?

The School for Aromatic Studies is one of the leading schools in North America. We are often asked, What makes our school unique? I believe one of the most unique features is our balanced, progressive & inspiring education that leads to the cultivation of a new generation of aromatherapists to emerge and succeed!

What supplies are required?

Recipe supplies are outlined in the course.

Is this course all online?

Yes. This class is an online course. It includes videos, worksheets and lesson PDFs.

Did you say I have access to the course for Life?

Yes, once you register for an online course, it is yours for life of the program!

Can I sign up if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes! We have students from all over the world taking courses with us. The presentation is in English.

Payment Details

One Payment


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