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The Business and Brand of Aromatherapy

A key step by step guide on the necessary components of building a successful brand.

Have you thought about building your own aromatherapy business and wonder where to begin? Do you have a great product and want to know how to build a brand? Are you looking for the right marketing guidance to help you get started?

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In this upcoming course, The Business and Brand of Aromatherapy, two experts, Renee and Camellia, will offer a key step by step guide on the necessary components of building a successful brand through inner self exploration practices.

Through the systems of astrology, archetype work, creative visualization, guided meditation techniques and more, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of cultivating a heart-centered brand.

In this three week course, you will learn how to craft an authentic mission and vision statement, why creating a logo is both important and relevant to your business identity and hone in on attracting your ideal audience.

Learning Objectives


Learn the key components of building an authentic brand


How to write a mission and vision statement


How to communicate your brand’s voice


Learn how to identify your brand’s personality


How to attract the right niche and audience for your product


How to create a logo and choose the right color palette

Course Classes


The Heart of your business

Every successful brand begins with identifying and defining your intention, whether it is a product or service, an intention paves the way for creating the architecture of your business. You will learn how to craft your vision for your future along with creating a mission statement by understanding your “5 Ws”: what, who, where, why, and when.


Crafting your brand

Crafting an authentic voice defines your unique personality and essence for your brand. In this class, you will learn how to craft core values through archetype exercises, along with how to create your own logo and choose the right color palette to complement your brand.


Communication and community

Understanding your specific audience and niche is an important component for your brand and sets the tone of your messaging in your marketing material, website, and social media platforms. In this class, you will learn the key points to follow when communicating to your audience.

Live Stream Workshop

Currently closed for enrollment.

Meet Your Instructors

Renee and Camellia


With over 20 years as a creative director in advertising, Renee is an intuitive listener and a visionary thinker. In her business experience she has worked in many industries, her creative talent, unique sensibility and keen eye for design has won many awards.

Her marketing experience was re-directed into co-founding a thriving wellness center in NYC, where she established a private practice, as a business and personal coach. In her work she intelligently weaves a variety of transformative modalities that include hypnosis, neurolinguistics, mindfulness practices and astrology to facilitate her clients greatest potential. Her soulful approach to branding alongside coaching helps her clients go beyond limiting beliefs to live their soul’s purpose.

Meet Camellia:

Camellia’s 18+ years in the health and wellness industry is pioneered by her career as a highly skilled licensed massage therapist working for holistic integrative medical establishments and reputable spas before co-founding her own wellness center in the heart of New York City. Since this endeavor, she has launched two additional businesses — her product line, Root and Resin and an aromatherapy/astrology service, Astroma By Cam, following her aromatherapy certifications and astrological studies.

Renee and Camellia are both partners in business as well as in life and have joined forces, combining their talents and skillset to help others aspire and inspire to step into their greatest potential. Calling Woodstock, New York their home they currently co-lead transformational retreats and programs for the community.

Live Stream Workshop

Currently closed for enrollment.