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Essential Oils and Emotional Wellbeing

ONLINE Course with Jade Shutes

In this 2.5 hour class, we will look at essential oils and their ability to support emotional well-being and build resiliency during these challenging times.

Essential Oils for Menopause Masterclass
Essential oils can shift your emotional state. They are powerful tools we can apply to assists us in times of need and build resiliency during challenges.

This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up! Includes a pdf file from the class including recipes!

What you will learn


How essential oils may impact our emotional well-being


The power of our sense of smell


How to utilize essential oils to reduce stress and build resiliency


How plants carry messages to support mental health


Which methods of application are best for supporting mental health and well-being


Specific essential oils that are a must have for emotional health


Meet Your Instructor

Meet Jade:

Thirty years ago, while living in London, England, I was blessed to have my first experience with aromatherapy. Suffering with debilitating back pain, a friend referred me to her friend Sophie, who offered aromatherapy. The British approach to aromatherapy was and is through the application of the essential oils via massage. My first aromatherapy session was life-transforming! At some point during the massage I fell fast asleep, and upon waking the very first thought I had was β€œTHIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life!”.

Within the year I was enrolled at the Raworth College of Natural Health in Dorking, England. I was trained in anatomy and physiology, basic chemistry (hardly a focus in those days!), applied kinesiology, reflexology, iridology, and of course, essential oils and massage. Shortly after graduating, I returned to Boston, MA, my home town, to set up a practice for aromatherapy. This was 1991.

And now thirty years later, that is what I have lived to do: educate, practice, research, and write. I believe in the power of education and have seen how it empowers our students and graduates with the knowledge, they need to thrive in the 21st century wellness movement.


Are there prerequisites?

This course is open for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and experience working with aromatherapy and essential oils to support emotional well-being.

What supplies are required?

No supplies are required for this course.

Does this course provide CE hours?

Yes, this course provides 2.5 CE hours for aromatherapists. NAHA-approved continuing education provider. Fulfills AIA and IFPA CE requirements as well.

What makes your program different from all the others?

The School for Aromatic Studies is one of the leading schools in North America. We are often asked, What makes our school unique? I believe one of the most unique features is our balanced, progressive & inspiring education that leads to the cultivation of a new generation of aromatherapists to emerge and succeed!

Is this course all online?

Yes. This class is an online course. It includes course video and PDF.

Did you say I have access to the course for Life?

Yes, once you register for an online course, it is yours for life of the program!

Can I sign up if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes! We have students from all over the world taking courses with us. The presentation is in English.

Payment Details

One Payment