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Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning

With Instructor:

In this hour long online course “Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning,” Instructor Margo Hertzfeld will share some of the lessons she has learned from her time homeschooling.

Essential Oils for Menopause Masterclass
We have a strong opportunity to use our olfactory bulbs’ direct connection to our limbic system in any classroom. Through what we smell, we can enhance memory, or mood, or even cognitive ability.

Essential oils were made for this! Of course, one clear benefit of the homeschool environment is that we have control over what is in it—in this course Margo will share some ideas to really make the most of this homeschooling opportunity.

This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

Meet Margo:

Margo received a B.S. in Merchandising from Indiana University in Bloomington, and later went on to create Rosy Glow Beauty Company, a line of all-natural personal care products for moms. When she realized the most fulfilling part of this business was researching essential oils for the line, Rosy Glow Aromatherapy was born!

Margo’s aromatherapy education began in 2011 with a Level I certification from Jade Shutes, B.A., Dipl. AT, Cert. Herbalist, Director of Education for the School for Aromatic Studies (now the New York Institute for Aromatic Studies), and David Crow, founder of Floracopeia, with an emphasis on the priciples of Ayurveda. She went on to receive her Clinical certification with the School for Aromatic Studies. She went on to become an instructor for the school, focusing on teaching the live Level I Foundations course.

Margo has expanded her natural therapy education with a certification in Reflexology from the Guardian School of Massage and Reflexology in Sterling Heights, MI, as well as Level I certification in flower essence therapy from The Bach Centre’s education center in the U.S.. Other coursework completed includes natural perfuming, meditation, yoga, mother and baby care, natural oncology therapies, hydrosol applications and botanical skin care.

She is currently completing a certification as a holistic wellness coach.

Margo is a professional member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, as well as the Regional Director for Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and a member of the Natural Perfumers Guild.


Are there prerequisites?

This course is open to anyone interested in exploring the use of essential oils while homeschooling or virtual learning.

What supplies are required?

No supplies are required for this course.

Are you an approved school by a professional aromatherapy organization?

Yes, we are an approved school through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

What makes your program different from all the others?

The School for Aromatic Studies is one of the leading schools in North America. We are often asked, What makes our school unique? I believe one of the most unique features is our balanced, progressive & inspiring education that leads to the cultivation of a new generation of aromatherapists to emerge and succeed!

Is this course all online?

Yes. This is an online course and includes video and course pdf.

Did you say I have access to the course for Life?

Yes, once you register for an online course, it is yours for life of the program!

Can I sign up if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes! We have students from all over the world taking courses with us. The presentation is in English.

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