Essential Oils Enhance Sleep

by Margo Hertzfeld

“A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep Are the Two Best Cures for Anything”. -Irish Proverb

Have you ever had a hard time starting a conversation with someone? Ask them about last night’s sleep and you should get an earful! Just ask me. So, last night’s sleep was good for me, thanks. Partially because the night before was not good. Busy brain at 3 am kept me up almost until the alarm at 6 am. Thanks for asking.

Why is sleep such a focal point in our daily lives, especially when we aren’t getting enough? I mean, you could argue it’s the least interesting part of our day. I believe we are slightly obsessed with sleep partially because of the fact that we cannot thrive without it. Any goal we have in our lives can be helped or hindered by the amount, and the quality, of our sleep.

So how much can we do about something that should be automatic, a natural function of life? Quite a bit, actually! The deeper we delve into the topic of sleep, the more we discover just how many factors affect our sleep. Our diet, our stress levels, our electronic habits, even the amount of light in our bedroom all contribute to sleep quality. So the good news is we can effect change. The bad news is your sleep won’t improve if you don’t effect change!

Sleep issues are also diverse in nature. They can be physical, emotional or mental in origin. So, we must pull out our holistic health tools, including intuition, to discern the root of the issue. This can be as simple as drinking too much caffeine during the day, or as complex as experiencing hormonal shifts that are causing a systemic change. Then we come to the choice of how to make a positive change to bring about better sleep.

As with every other aspect of our lives, aromatherapy offers an amazing array of options to enhance and improve sleep.

Take lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, to start. It is perhaps universally known that lavender can have a calming effect on the human nervous system. But let’s remember it also has properties that ease pain, spasms, and inflammation. And, for many of us, the scent is just simply comforting.

So, to build on these effects, add other appropriate essential oils, and you have a delightful tool to support restorative sleep. In my own practice, I take particular joy from working with clients to create their own bespoke sleep blends. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than giving them the ability to sleep well.

Join me for my online course Essential Oils for Sleep in which I will delve into the many aspects that affect our slumbers, as well as the range of natural tools we can look to for that perfect 8-hour nap. Sweet dreams!