Put to the Test: Essential Oils for Homeschooling

by Margo Hertzfeld

“Challenges are solved by rising to a level greater than the challenge” Deepak Chopra

Like most parents in the United States, and around the world, I became a homeschool parent last spring. Ironically, I had always said vehemently that I would “never homeschool my children.” I felt I lacked the patience and teaching skills to give my two daughters the same quality of education they would receive at school. I am grateful that I am not in fact the teacher but more the hall monitor during these months of virtual learning due to the pandemic. But there was still a notable learning curve when it abruptly began last March.

For me, the education of my girls became my top priority over my practice in clinical aromatherapy and wellness coaching. But the good news is that much of what I provide in my practice was very helpful in our new situation. And through my experience, I was able to offer very specific advice and service to families in the same situation. A silver lining for certain.

In my online course “Essential Oils for Homeschool and Virtual Learning,” I share some of the lessons I learned from this unique (albeit temporary) lifestyle. As I have said so many times about the practice of aromatherapy, the overriding lesson is that self-care is where true wellness begins. The most fulfilling part of my practice is handing someone an aromatherapy product that will allow them to do just that.

We have a strong opportunity to use our olfactory bulbs’ direct connection to our limbic system in any classroom. Through what we smell, we can enhance memory, or mood, or even cognitive ability. Essential oils were made for this! Of course, one clear benefit of the homeschool environment is that we have control over what is in it—so I will share some ideas to really make the most of this opportunity.

While I am grateful for many of the positive outcomes of our homeschooling stint, including the blooming of two fantastic cooks and bakers, I am ready for in-person learning to return. Homeschool families, I have an even greater appreciation for your daily efforts and salute you. Meanwhile, I just hope our internet provider can continue rising to the challenge!