Are Essential Oils Really That Dangerous?

by Jade Shutes

I don’t know about you but if I were relatively new to aromatherapy, I’d be scared! And that’s not really a feeling I want to associate with aromatherapy and essential oils. Are essential oils really dangerous? There seems to be a huge pendulum swinging between rather strict and somewhat irrational safety information on one side and perhaps a degree of innocent disregard for even basic safety considerations on the other. However, I believe the over emphasis on safety simply provides yet another form of separation from what should really be emphasized: Get to know each essential oil you are using. (period)

Safety is a part of this ‘getting to know’, it does not lead, it follows. It is a part of.

The first step in understanding the safety of an essential oil is to get to know that individual essential oil. Also, one should know the various methods of application and when one method is preferable over another.

I am a proponent of taking the emphasis off safety and putting it onto individual learning each essential oil more deeply. Safety is automatically embedded in that relationship. And truly, aromatherapy is really quite safe.

Know the essential oil, understand methods of application, know yourself and, if practicing, the individual you are working with. Don’t be afraid. Let’s move beyond safety….and more into a deeper relationship with the essential oils. Safety will be there…in it’s place. As one part of the whole.

– Jade Shutes