Hormones: Friend or Foe?

by Margo Hertzfeld

Hormones just want to be friends.

If our bodies and their different parts and pieces were all different characters in a fictional story, I propose that hormones would be the antagonists. Which would then make our brains the protagonist.

But as in any good story, a closer look at the antagonist shows that they are not in fact pure evil or always out to do harm. To continue the comparison, our hormones are also not pure evil. Really, they just get a bad rap.

When we can’t sleep due to a low level of melatonin being produced by the pineal gland, we blame our “hormones”, when in fact our screen use at bedtime over-stimulated our brain and suppresses the production of melatonin.

When we don’t tune into our bodies when they tell us to rest or relax, and decide to remain in a high-stress state of mind, our adrenal gland will continue to secrete stress hormones.

So, much like the overarching philosophy behind holistic health, we need to take a deeper look at the root cause of our condition. Is it as simple as mind over matter? Indeed it could be, as our brain controls our endocrine system and thereby the production and secretion of our hormones.

Really, this is good news! We are not, in fact, the victims of our hormones but ultimately the master of them. Mastery is a lifelong skill built with a constant refinement of our mind-body connection and then of course listening to what that connection is trying to communicate.

And yes, essential oils can play a crucial role in this mastery. They are, as we know, biocompatible with the human body. But perhaps even more importantly, they are accessible. We can take charge of whatever hormone-related issue we may have with our own, or a professional, knowledge of blending and application.

Who better understands our own ebb and flow of hormones than we do? So, with a finely tuned knowledge of our current health, we can turn to aromatherapy to bring balance. Thanks to the beautiful relationship between us and the plant world!

Join me for my class, “Essential Oils for Hormone Balance” where I will delve into specific hormone functions, imbalances and how aromatherapy can support our endocrine system.