How to Make a Perfumed Locket

by Jade Shutes

The perfumed locket has been inspired by the artistry and beauty of Roxana Villa’s Botanical Perfume Lockets.

Here’s what you’ll need:

◻︎ Stainless steel double boiler
◻︎ Stainless steel fork or whisk
◻︎ Empty stainless steel, silver, or gold lockets (just don’t get old ones where material to make is unknown: be sure they do not contain nickel or lead.) Have a look on etsy.

◻︎ 0.1 oz (2.9-3 grams) beeswax
◻︎ 3 tsp jojoba or vanilla infused jojoba
◻︎ Approx. 12-14 drops of your chosen essential oil synergy
**I used 6 drops Neroli/Petitgrain co-distillation, 2 drops Rosa alba, and 5 drops Mandarin.

How to make the perfumed salve to go in locket:
1. Make essential oil synergy. **To make this, use a 5ml bottle or smaller bottle and place all drops of essential oil in it. Swirl to combine the essential oils. You will want to make your essential oil synergy first so it is ready to go when needed. You will be using all of the synergy in the salve recipe. Since it is such a small amount, it would be fine to add drops directly into warm salve mixture as well.
2. Prepare double boiler by pouring water into the lower half and then placing the clean dry upper half on top. Place double boiler on stove at medium heat.
3. Weigh beeswax and measure jojoba oil. Place ingredients in double boiler.
4. Stir with fork to ensure that the ingredients are well combined.
5. Remove from heat and quickly add in the essential oil synergy you made. Stir well.
6. Using a glass pipette or plastic (be careful as the salve can harden quickly) pipette, place appropriate amount of salve mixture into locket.
7. Allow to harden and Voila: A Perfumed Locket is made!

**This recipe will make a number of lockets so if you are only making 1 or 2 you can pour the rest of the perfumed salve into another small container for personal use or another gift!