How to Make a Spicy Aftershave

by Jade Shutes

A ‘to die for‘ spicy aftershave! Based upon the much loved Bay Laurel aftershave by Rosemary Gladstar, I formulated the perfect blend of herbs to create a yummy spicy aftershave for men. This aftershave has a beautiful aroma with just the herbal infusion into the bay rum or vodka but you can add essential oils too! For extra astringency, considering adding 5-10% witch hazel hydrosol to the end product.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Sterilized 32 ounce canning jar
  • Bay rum or Vodka
  • Bottles for packaging final aftershave. I used these.

This recipe will make approx. 4 – 8oz aftershave bottles.


  • 14 grams dried Patchouli leaves
  • 10 grams dried Lemongrass
  • 2 tbsp (approx. 7gr) Anise star (can typically find in grocery store)
  • 1 tbsp Clove buds (can typically find in grocery store)
  • 2-3 Bay leaves (can typically find in grocery store)

How to make:

1. Weigh/measure herbs/spices and place in canning jar.
2. Pour alcohol over plant material. Stir with a chop stick or glass stirring rod or end of wooden spoon.
3. Put lid on jar and gently shake to move plant material around.
4. Label with ingredients and date. Allow to sit for 2-4 weeks. Every couple of days, gently shake the bottle to move plant material around again.
4. After infusion time, strain through mesh strainer into glass measuring cup.
5. If desired, add 15 drops patchouli OR 7 drops vetiver OR 7 drops patchouli + 4 drops mandarin essential oils. It has a lovely aroma on its own too!
6. Bottle in containers. I used these bottles and the glossy label of this design.
7. Wipe outside of bottle with alcohol (either vodka or rubbing alcohol) and place label on bottle.
8. Decorate with ribbon and/or hang tag. I used a leaf stamp on this label.


The aftershave is now ready to use. I have to admit, any time I have made this and given it to my father, he has faithfully used it and LOVED it!!! I love that my dad loves aromatherapy and all the products I have made for him over the years.