Pinon Pine Body Butter

by Jade Shutes

While in the mountains recently, I reconnected with a much loved body butter recipe. This luxurious body butter is one of my all time favorite recipes. It truly rocks when it comes to protecting, nourishing, and soothing dry skin during the autumn and winter months. The addition of Pinon pine is AMAZING! I hope you love this recipe as much as I do. Just remember to put in refrigerator overnight so it will gain its buttery texture! Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:


◻︎ Stainless steel double boiler
◻︎ Scale for weighing ingredients
◻︎ Glass measuring cups
◻︎ Stainless steel fork or whisk
◻︎ Sterilized Glass jars: 1 or 2 oz size (I purchased the glass jars here.)
You will need 8-9: 2 ounce jars or 16-18: 1 ounce jars.

Recipe makes approx. 16 -18 ounces of butter.


◻︎ 6.6 ounces Shea butter
◻︎ 3.3 ounces Coconut oil
◻︎ 1/4 cup Avocado oil
◻︎ 1/4 cup Sesame or Jojoba oil
◻︎ 2 tsp. Rosehip seed oil

Essential oils: I put three different ‘aromas’ in each set of jars, as follows:

  • Pinon Pine: 15-18 drops in each jar (made 2 jars)
  • Neroli Vanilla: 8 drops Neroli and 4 drops Vanilla co2 (made 2 jars)
  • Petitgrain: 18 drops (made 2 jars)
    and then I left two jars unscented.


To make Body Butter (this makes approx. 14-16 ounces of butter)

Step One: Weigh and measure all ingredients.
Step Two: Gently melt shea butter and coconut oil in double boiler.
Step Three: Stir with fork while it is melting. Just before the shea and coconut are completely melted, remove from heat. **While this is melting (or before) add drops of essential oils into clean sterilized glass jars. See drops per jar above.
Step Four: Add in sesame, rosehip seed, and avocado oils. Be sure to stir well with stainless steel fork.
Step Five: Once ingredients are well combined, begin filling jars. As you fill each jar, take a moment to stir with glass rod or chopstick so as to combine essential oils into butter. Continue to next jar. **The butter should stay fluid throughout this process. It takes cold to harden this butter so you should be able to take your time while filling the jars.
Step Six: Place completed jars, with lids on, in the refrigerator overnight. It can take up to 12-24 hours for a butter to completely set.
Step Seven: While the butter is setting and hardening, take time to make labels! Label each jar with all ingredients. I used this label.
Step Eight: Next day – Clean the outside of the jar with alcohol or your all purpose cleaning spray, then apply label.