Herbal Medicine Making Retreat

Join us for an immersive and educational experience where you will learn how to make your own herbal medicines.
Our retreat is designed for individuals who are interested in natural remedies and would like to gain hands-on experience in making their own herbal preparations.

Retreat Dates:


Friday, July 21st 3pm EST to
Sunday, July 23rd 3pm EST

During the retreat, you will learn about the different types of herbal medicines and their healing properties, and how to select and prepare them for use in various herbal preparations.

We will start at the beginning of plant extraction, teaching you the basic science of solubility and extraction, while sipping tea and decocting in the magic of phytochemicals. Over the weekend we will dip into extraction methodologies of water, alcohol, oils, vinegars, honey, and glycerin.


This retreat is interactive and hands-on, giving you the opportunity to work with a variety of herbs and learn how to create your own unique creations, for both topical and internal use.


You will leave the retreat with a wealth of knowledge and skills to continue making herbal remedies along with some samples to utilize at home for continued experiential learning.


We also be offering delicious and nourishing meals made from locally-sourced ingredients, along with lodging accommodations at the farm.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced herbalist, our Herbal Medicine Making Retreat is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills, and to connect with like-minded individuals in a beautiful setting.

Retreat Center

Yarrow Mountain Farm

Our retreat takes place in a beautiful and serene location, surrounded by nature, where you can relax and rejuvenate while learning the art of herbal medicine making. You will be guided by Lindsey Feldpausch, an experienced instructor who will share their knowledge and expertise in the field.

Learn more about Yarrow Mountain Farm here!

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Medicine Making
Weekend Curriculum






Infused oil
Salves and Balms


Infused vinegar


Solid extract


Infused honey
Honey Balls/lozenges


Clay masks
DIY Deodorant

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will inspire and empower you to take control of your health and well-being through the power of herbs.

Weekend Lodging and Meal Plan details

Yarrow Mountain Farm

Want to stay with us on the farm for the weekend? We would love to have you! There are three cabins, Yarrow, Mullein, and Pine, for our retreats. Each cabin contains two full beds and one twin bed or two twin and one full. The cabins are rustic, simple, and incredibly comfy. You will be sharing with other students if you choose to lodge in one of these cabins. Add lodging to your cart below to reserve your spot. The cost for Friday and Saturday night shared lodging is $50, if you would like to stay longer just let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate.

We will be providing a meal plan for students interested in eating delicious food with an allergy friendly, organic and local focus! The cost for six meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) is $100. To participate in meals add our meal plan to your cart below.


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Meet Your Instructor

Lindsey Feldpausch

Lindsey Feldpausch RH (AHG), is a clinical herbalist and Director of Student Services for the School for Aromatic Studies. She has worked professionally in the field of Herbal Medicine for over a decade. Lindsey’s work has been focused in education and clinical herbal practice, teaching for online and in-person herb programs and at varying conferences, while maintaining a private practice of her own.

Lindsey’s herbal works have coalesced into her business, Plant Matters. Which is an herbal consulting, educating and products business. Plant Matters products are made with wildcrafted, cultivated or sustainable sourced plants, and crafted into a variety of magical, medicinal plant creations.

As an herbalist, Lindsey’s goal is to connect plants with the humans who need them. She believes in our innate ability to engage the healing powers of plants, and one of her life’s intentions is to kindle this belief in others. An experienced educator, she aims to balance both science and the magic of the natural world within in her teachings.

Payment Details

With shared accomodation at Yarrow Mountain Farm

Class registration + Lodging + Meal Plan


Class registration + Lodging


Without lodging accommodations included

Class registration + Meal Plan


Class Registration Only