The HEARTS Process for Pain Management and Relaxation

by Jonathan Benavides

When we are in pain, physically or emotionally, it is nearly impossible to focus on something else and if we are chronic pain sufferers, we have the sensation and feeling that our body has become a pain body. We forget then that we are not that pain body and that makes it very difficult for us to effectively get rid of the excruciating pain we are constantly feeling.

The pain has to recede, the pain has to go but unfortunately, we don’t know what to do so that quickly we can regain our balance and feel the freedom and relief we are looking for.

The HEARTS Process is one intervention using aromatherapy that we can use to unfocused our attention from the pain itself achieving quickly a balanced and relaxed state.

HEARTS is an acronym that stands for Hands-on, Empathy, Aroma, Relax, Texture and Sound and it is therapeutically offered as the HEARTS Process drawing on a range of natural skills and different sensorial experiences with the aim to be used in all kinds of clinical settings and in private practices and home care as well.

The integration of these different modalities makes possible that this non-pharmacological intervention is a very effective tool when dealing with any kind of pain and all kind of individuals, from children up to very frail patients in terminal palliative care.

Apart from pain it is also a wonderful tool to deal with anxiety, panic attacks, fear, loneliness, depression and sleeping problems.

In the course being offered, you will learn to use HEARTS for yourself, your loved ones and your clients. Apart from learning the traditional HEARTS Process you will also be introduced to two aromatic interventions created by Jonathan Benavides wherein the goal is to enhance the use of essential oils in the process in order to accelerate the relaxation that is taking place.

At the same time, you will learn how Jonathan uses his approach within a palliative care situation wherein the goal is to diminish the pain and to achieve a peaceful state of mind so needed at the end of life and transition to new realms.