Global Reach and Innovative Approach
The impact of the School for Aromatic Studies extends far beyond its initial establishment. Today, our innovative aromatherapy courses and signature approach to holistic aromatherapy and blending are taught by instructors in Hungary, Crete, Vietnam, Russia, Sweden, Canada, and throughout the United States. This global network of educators ensures that students worldwide have access to our cutting-edge curriculum, the Aromatic Studies approach to blending, and benefit from our renowned teaching methods.

As a testament to my dedication to aromatherapy education, I also played a pivotal role in establishing the first aromatherapy school in New York City (the NY Institute of Aromatherapy). Through licensing my course content from 2013 through 2020, I provided the core aromatherapy education, allowing hundreds students in New York City to receive comprehensive training in aromatherapy and botanical body care product formulation. As of 2020, neither Jade or the School for Aromatic Studies is associated in any way whatsoever with Ms. Galper.