What are Flower Essences and How do they Work?

by Michelle Ensley

Flower essences are a vibrational therapy that works on the auric field and subtle energy bodies. Flower essences assist in clearing the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in our lives that can lead to physical disturbances.

A flower essence is the vibrational imprint, life force of the flower in an aqueous infusion, utilizing the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Richard Gerber MD, in his book Vibrational Medicine states, “vibration is a synonym for frequency, and that the only difference between dense matter, such as a piece of wood and subtle matter, such as a flower essence is the frequency at which they vibrate.”

According to flower essence practitioner Gurudus when a flower or crystal essence is ingested or absorbed through the skin, it is assimilated into the bloodstream. It then settles between the circulatory and nervous systems. It is there where an electromagnetic current is created by the polarity of the two systems. The essence then moves to the meridians, which are mechanisms of interface between the subtle bodies and the physical body.

From the meridians, the life force of the flower essence is amplified out to the chakras and subtle bodies and then back again to the physical body. Flower essences cleanse the aura and subtle bodies so that the imbalances will stop bringing about dis-ease. The cleansing takes place instantaneously, in some cases the results take longer to show themselves.

I have been utilizing flower and gem essence in my personal and professional life for two decades. The profound shifts for myself and my clients at times have been truly remarkable.

My first experience with flower essences was when I was very ill with a thyroid problem, along with other forms of treatment my naturopathic doctor made me a custom blend of flower essences to help me with an emotional blockage. It worked very well on the issue I was trying to resolve. I knew at that point, along with being an aromatherapist, working with flower essences to help others would be part of the work that I would do.

There are different lines of flower essences and at that point I had not found which essences I would work with. On a cold sunday in January I was reading in an aromatherapy book and there was a reference made to Ian While and the Australian Bush Flower essences. I went to the website and after reading through the material there I knew those were the flowers I was to work with. It was as if they picked me. I have been utilizing and teaching the ABFE since 2006.

One of the reasons I love flower essences so much is they are safe for all ages and do not interact with any medications.

Since they are a vibration, if a flower essence is not the correct one they will float out of your aura. I have used them in my hospice work with babies to adults in their 100’s. Flower essences are also excellent for all types of animals. In my work today I also work with other lines of flower and gem essences and also make my own flower and gem essences. They are easily added to aromatherapy blends, hydrosols, herbal teas, and tinctures.

I feel very fortunate to be licensed as an international instructor for The Australian Bush Flower Essence Co. I look forward to introducing you to this amazing healing modality.

Michelle can be reached at michelle@aromaticstudies.com or visit her website at lilygracebotanicals.com  for more information on flower and gem essences.